Destruction Grand Prix

Currently in school I am taking a class called Game Production Team. In this class we are collaborating together to create a racing game called Destruction Grand Prix, or DGPX for short.

Currently, I am the leader of the environment team. I’m working with nine other great artists on developing the world around the race in the Unreal Development Kit.

As team lead, I’m responsible of managing my team members. This involves setting up sprint schedules, monitoring their progress via check-ins and meetings, and approving the assets they produce.

On top of that, I’m also the level designer, which means that I’m the one who takes all the finished 3D assets into the engine and populates the level.

When I’m not busy working in the engine for the game I’ll chip in on producing some assets. I just recently finished all the triggers for the race cars to interact with.

Bollard – This device will pop up out of the ground and explode when a car collides with it, doing some damage and slowing it down in the process.

Health Pick Up – Pretty self-explanatory. If you ride over this while the particle emitter is on your car will be repaired.

Speed Boost – If you run over this you’ll get a boost of speed. This is extremely handy to get ahead of your opponents.

Ramp – This ramp will give you a little extra kick when going off the jumps in the race.

These shots were taken from within the Unreal Engine.

Concept done by Brittany Cloud.

You can also follow our team’s progress at –


~ by koax117 on February 9, 2012.

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