Zsculpts Galore

Hey everyone.

So, in my spare time I have been trying to focus on two major things to finalize my portfolio and create a demo reel.

  1. Add to my environment The Cove
  2. Create another small environment

For The Cove, I’ve been adding to the beach mainly. It bothered me I called it a cove when you never saw the ocean. So I’ve been going back to my original concept art and creating a rock arch that extends into the ocean, as well as various rock formations I can use on the walls of the cliff edges.

The Rock Arch that will be on the edge of the cove, sticking out of the cliff. I’ll be building misc. rock meshes to break it up a bit here and there.

This was my friends and I joking around about being able to see a face in the front of the arch. So i decided to exaggerate some features.

Progress on a rock spire

Also on the side a couple of friends and I have been talking about starting up a little side project on the side. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of cool 3D cinematics done, like Ruin, or Rosa. So we have been brainstorming and conceptualizing our own little cinematic. Between the lot of us, we have characters artists, vehicle artists, animators, an FX artist, and an environment artist or two. We intend to make this an extremely high quality cinematic that people will be able to see the quality of our work in.

So, for this project, I’ve been taking up the role as the major environment artist. I’ve begun conceptualizing the world of this cinematic, and slowly going into creating Zsculpts of some of the meshes, like the floor.

Initial floor piece. I set this up to be fully modular, and to be able to rotate it any way and have it still connect.

Initial work on cracks in floor. I’ll be making various versions of the floor to add variance. (click to zoom in and see more details)

We intend to take our time on this, making it a high polished piece. Since we are all still in school (some will be longer than others), we have obvious priorities. Yet, we find excitement in creating something like this, so I know it will be a great experience. As time progresses, I’ll be posting bits and pieces of my contributions to the project, and in time we may start up a website/blog for the project itself!

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned


~ by koax117 on April 22, 2012.

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