Persian Courtyards

The Persian Courtyards started off as an idea for my class Interior Worlds and Spaces. We had to create a unique exterior based environment. A lot of brainstorming brought me to wanted to create a dense set of ruins. Through a lot of brainstorming, I started creating an idea based off of Prince of Persia.

After my initial concept and blueprint, I created a blockout, to get an idea of whether or not it would work in 3D space.

The blockout looked good, but it didn’t look “Persian’. I knew that I needed to get a better feel for the environment. I wanted it to look like a palace that was once visited often and quite extravagant, but was now left to nature.

The vines helped a lot when I brought them in. I was experimenting with the floor quite a bit. In these renders I was checking out the reflection parameters, since when it was flat it didn’t have a whole of of depth. I decided that this texture just wouldn’t work for me for the floor. So the following quarter when I revisited this I decided to make some major changes.

The following quarter in my Level Design class I wanted to revisit my Persian Courtyards environment. I knew that if I were to create an actual level out of it, I would need to expand the scope of the level.

The expanded blueprint definitely gave me a lot of idea. I wanted to add a large dome, an area of tombs, and a garden on the side.  After a lot of hard work I redesigned the floor to be stone slabs, using the vertex painting in UDK to allow the sand of the desert to get drift about, even piling up in the corner.




I also created a video in UDK of the final environment, showcasing off the area that started it all off.

Persian Courtyards Cinematic from Alex Karpati on Vimeo.